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7 Senses Gelato - 800 ml

Through our cooperation with 7 Sensens Gelato Chiang Mai everyone in Thailand can now enjoy the best Gelato made.


Gelato is an Italian Frozen delicacy similar to ice cream but so much better!! 7 Senses Gelato is the result of passion for taste by our genuine Italian chef - dedicated to the tradition of Italian-crafted Gelato using fresh milk, natural ingredients and local seasonal fruits. 


Available flavors

  • Amarena Gelato (cherry)
  • Banana & Jerry Gelato (banana gelato with chocolate fudge and walnut caramel ripple)
  • Milk Chocolate Gelato
  • Mango gelato
  • Oreo Gelato
  • Pistachio Gelato
  • Raspberry Gelato
  • Rum & Dark Raisin Gelato
  • Strawberry Gelato
  • Vanilla Gelato (white color)


Some differences between GELATO & ICE CREAM 


1. Italian artisanal "GELATO" has a lower fat content, combined with those obtained from nuts or other fruits, do not exceed 8%, of which at least 3.5% of milk fat. Ice cream, on the other hand, according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations, have a higher fat content, they

cannot, in fact, be less than 10%


2. Italian artisan “GELATO" melts faster because it contains less air. Ice Cream, on the other hand, melts more slowly thanks to the air insulation effect:  up to 120% of its weight.


3. Italian artisanal "GELATO" is made using mainly fresh milk and fresh cream. Ice cream is generally made with powdered milk and vegetable fats.


So now relax and enjoy your cup or cone of Healthy Happiness !


For parties or large consumers we are able to supply 1 litre and 2.2 litre packs on request.


  • Comes in 800 ml cups

7 Senses Gelato - 800 ml

฿390,00 Normale prijs
    • Ideal temperature to scoop is -14°C

    • Store in freezer below -18°C

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