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Thai Kokosnoot Dessert (Khanom Krok)

Khanom Krok are an hors d'oeuvre made of rice flour, onions, coconut meat and various other ingredients.


They are light and delicious and are baked on a specially made baking tray with round indentations on the surface. Many Northern Thais enjoy the simple Khanom Krok without added condiments or snack items, but just as often this snack is topped with shrimp, egg pudding, pumpkin or other sweet or salty snacks to add to both the decoration and the taste. This is a typical way for the Khanom Krog to be served in the home when visitors come.


Many Thai women engage in the baking and decoration of Khanom Krog in the same way that western women enjoy baking cookies for visitors. They are often eaten in the morning as a breakfast snack and the many markets of Chiang Mai always have at least one Khanom Krok baker preparing loads of these delicious snacks for morning customers. This has long been a morning favorites because of the soft texture, the nutrition in the ingredients, and the fact that Khanom Krok are always served warm.


  • Comes in a bag of 5 pcs.

Thai Kokosnoot Dessert (Khanom Krok)

    • Cut some holes in the vacuum bag and warm in the microwave for 1.5 min.

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