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Deep frying:

All products that need to be deep fried need good and clean oil at a temperature of 180C or 385F.

Never put two layers of products in the deep fryer.


Regenerating food with microwave is mainly depending on the power of the microwave. Take our guidelines and take care that your final product reaches an inside temperature of at least 70C or 140F


All methods below start with the product in frozen condition!


Croquettes: 7 minutes deep fry @ 180C

Croquette balls: 7 minutes deep fry @ 180C

Frikandel: 5 minutes deep fry. Mini frikandels 4-5 minutes @ 180C

Fried noodles and rice: 7 minutes deep fry @ 180C

Party Pack: 7 minutes deep fry @ 180C

Cheese Soufflé: 2.5 minutes. Preferably turn the product after 2 min. When it starts to burst, remove immediately from the fryer as cheese is done.

All soups: defrost in the microwave, then stir and heat another minute, stir again and heat up till boiling.

Satay & Smoked sausage: Bring water to the boil and heat the pack under water level for 15 minutes on low heat. Don't let the water boil again.

Meatball: Defrost meatball in the microwave. Heat in microwave for 1 min. Rest for 1 min. and heat all the way till steaming hot. Defrost the sauce separately and cook and whisk in a pot to the boil.

Sausage roll: Preheat your oven to 180C. Bake off 25-30 minutes or till golden brown and fully risen.

Fresh sausage: Defrosting in the refrigerator is best. Else broil the sausage for 10 min. in hot water. Take out, dry up and fry in butter at low temperature till golden brown.

Smoked fish: Please don't ruin it in the microwave. Defrost bigger fish (Mackerel) overnight in the refrigerator or thaw fish on tabletop for a while. Remove the skin and enjoy.

Goulash & Beef stew: defrost in the microwave, stir and heat another minute.

NOTE: Some products described above may no longer be in our range.


Serving Suggestions:

Croquettes are mostly eaten as snack, on sandwich with mustard for lunch or with french fries with whatever sauce you like. Most favorite is mayo.


Croquette balls are an apetizer or side dish when having a drink. Serve with mustard.


Frikandel, the famous Dutch skinless sausage and the no.1 snack in Holland. Frikandel Special is a  lengthwise cut Frikandel (90 % deep), served with a line of curry ketchup (HDS) and a bigger line of mayonnaise. Top off with fine chopped onion. Frikandel is eaten as a snack or with french fries. 







Fried noodles or fried rice snacks are mostly eaten as a stand alone snack. Soy sauce does the trick.


Cheese Soufle is an appetiser snack or eaten as vegetarian alternative in a meal.


Soups, well, no further comment.


Satay, Meatball, Fresh sausage, Smoked sausage are probably well known to many people. Eat it as a snack, with mashed potatoes, spaghetti, rice, french fries or bread.


Smoked fish is a perfect product to make a nice entree or salad. The catfish is best trimmed from the skin and sliced double diagonal (?). The mackerel suits best in a salade same like tuna. Beware of the many fishbones.

(?) Double diagonal: tilt your knive 45 degrees to the right and turn it length wise 45 degrees to the right. Change right to left for left handers.

Boursin cheese spread on a cracker of French bread. Keep cool.

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